Do You Believe in Perfect?

Neuschwanstein Castle in GermanyTo all outward appearances, Queens are perfect. They have the perfect looks and the perfect clothes. They have perfect posture, perfect homes, perfect manners, and perfect taste. They always seem to know exactly how to say and do the right thing in any situation. It’s a natural conclusion—when you’re a Queen, not only do you have a perfect life, you are perfect.

It’s easy to paint this idyllic picture. It allows us to hold close to our hearts the idea of attainable perfection. We dream of what our life could be like if we never had to struggle.  When we do struggle, the feeling that we are somehow “less” haunts us. It stops us even when we know that perfection is only a fantasy.

It’s easy to forget that Queens have simply mastered how to look the part.

Here’s how they do it: underneath their queenly appearance, they have laser-focused mental clarity about what they want and the unshakable self-confidence to get it. They value planning. They admit their weaknesses, at least to themselves. When necessary, they enlist others who have the skills they lack to help them. They learn from their mistakes, figure out how to use what they discover to the best advantage, and then move on.

You can master these skills too! You’ll find out how in our monthly practice on Move Into Your Power.


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