Your Realm—Your Reality—Your Choice


Siberian TigerHow are things in your Queendom today?

When you are happy and all is well in your world, there are tranquil places you go. Maybe it’s to open plains of sunshine with waving grass. Maybe you prefer lakes and streams of glistening water alongside beautiful jungles full of tall trees and exotic creatures. Perhaps it’s somewhere totally different. Wherever it is—you’re confident and content.

Meanwhile, there are other places in your realm that are not as peaceful. In the innermost recesses, the darker spaces you try to avoid, lurk those thoughts and words that bring to life your own special variety of Trash Talk. Even though it was banished from your world, Trash Talk is relentless. It’s like a tiger hungrily eyeing its prey; it’s simply in its nature to stalk you.

Your Trash Talk has been with you for so long that it’s not easy to permanently banish. It continues to cause you to second-guess your abilities and scare yourself. It’s very happy to simply lie in wait—always ready to emerge just as you are about to move forward. You know it’s tracking you when you hear yourself saying things like:

“I Can’t…”

“If only I would’ve…”

“I should’ve”

“I could’ve”

The fear you can feel in the midst of this self-doubt is physical. It’s like you’ve just sensed that the tiger is about to pounce. Fear isn’t always a bad thing—we’re hardwired to instantly respond to the physical feeling we get when we’re in real danger. When the hair on your arms—or the back of your neck—stands up, that’s your body warning you of imminent physical harm. You need to pay attention and escape!

Drawing of a paper tigerOther times you feel something stalking you and the sensation is more like heaviness in your shoulders or a sense of dread or maybe there’s a sinking feeling in your gut. That’s when you know your tiger is imaginary. It’s just your special variety of Trash Talk getting ready to pounce.

When your tiger is imaginary, you can instantly drive it away with three simple questions:

  1. Where have I seen this before?
  2. What if this is different?
  3. How does this insight change things?

Restoring your world to a state of tranquility is a Simple Shift from believing your Trash Talk is real to banishing it from your life. It’s your realm—your reality—your choice.

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